Friday, October 19, 2012

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc.(NASDAQ:GMCR) plan to expand, and reach out

The executive at the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc.(NASDAQ:GMCR) will have his/her own unique set of duties. Along with the duties of a regular executive, the coffee making company will appoint their executives to look for business for the company beyond North America. The top executive at the company will have this unique job to fulfill as well. The man in charge of the Canada Unit of Green Mountain, Gerard Geoffrion will be in charge of looking out for business beyond U.S.A and Canada. He became the president for the section of Green Mountain which will henceforth be dedicated to international business expansion and development.
The company has been prudent in deciding to branch out and explore new places. The sales are not going too well for Green Mountain. The company growth rate is no longer as phenomenal as it used to be. Analysts have been predicting that the sales of the coffee company will be reduced to half its amount this year, and by next year, it has chances of reducing even more. Keurig is the single-serve coffee which Green Mountain had come up with, and it has spread through most of North America. The company is also down in the dumps because of the loss of patent on the unique cups which the Keurig is usually served in. these cups are called K-Cups.
The company, however, has either not decided on, or has decided to not reveal the names of the countries they plan to expand to.  Geoffrion was unavailable for comments on behalf of the company, although, a spokeswoman was present, and she said that Geoffrion was best suited to take on this task. Green Mountain crossed over into Canada after taking over Van Houtte, which had been run by Geoffrion for fifteen years. After this acquisition, he came aboard the Green Mountain team.
There are other reasons which might be playing on Green Mountain lately. Single-serve coffee has begun to appeal to Starbucks right now, and they will be releasing their own coffee-maker for the single-serve doses, very soon. The market may change, depending on how people will take to Starbucks single-serve. Also, rising food prices, and criticism David Einhorn from Greenlight Capital are other factors which may have inspired the plans of expansion. 

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