Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) & Samsung Partnering to Launch a 10-inch Nexus Tablet?

Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOG)’s Nexus 7 was received favorably by everyone and the success factor has prompted the company to take on Apple’s iPad by launching a 10-inch tablet. CNet states that Google has partnered with Samsung to launch a brand new Nexus tablet with a higher pixel density than the iPad. Richard Shim of NPD DisplaySearch has backed up this statement by producing proofs such as “supply chain indications”.

The tablet device from Samsung and Google will have a 2560×1600 resolution with a pixel density of 299ppi (pixels per inch). This is much higher than what the iPad provides at a 2048×1536 resolution with a 264ppi. The difference indicates that the picture and text quality will be sharper and clearer on the new Nexus tablet.

Although some are skeptical about this new tablet, given Shim’s experience of more than a decade in covering displays, he could be correct about the new product. The prediction technique of some analysts is based on user preferences or the products manufactured by other companies, but others are more knowledgeable about a new device via their contacts in the supply chain. The launch of the iPhone 5 and the speculations surrounding the release of the iPad Mini is the best possible example.

Google has previously tried to launch a 10-inch tablet, which was the Motorola Xoom. However, the tablet did not perform as expected and could not capture user interest or market share. So there is a high chance that Google will come up with a 10-inch Nexus tablet, though it will be tough to catch up to Apple’s iPad, which rules the roost in the 10-inch tablet market.

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