Friday, October 5, 2012

Stocks In News: Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ:MSFT), WisdomTree (WETF)

Goldman Sachs set a price target of $9.00 for WisdomTree Investments, Inc.(NASDAQ:WETF), suggesting a 42 percent up upside from the present level.

Irrespective of concerns about ETF price competition, Goldman said the firm is insulated, differentiated, and positioned to gain share attractively.

An anticipated AuM growth of +3o percent over the next three years, with sustainable fee rates yielding margin expansion and 60 percent earnings growth, the company rated a risk/reward.

An ETF innovator with an exempt relief, the company’s downward risk is covered. The current price at which it is trading is $6.88, a rise by 8.35 percent.

Motorola mobility, part of Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOG), achieved a victory over Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ:MSFT) in a patent case before a German court on Friday.

The regional court in Mannheim ruled over the Microsoft’s lawsuit as to infringement of patents by the company.

The decision of court against Microsoft enables the application developers to save time and development costs as it avoids writing of separate codes for each handset.

The court actions in Germany being cheaper and quicker in comparison to that of other jurisdiction, has become a major battleground in the global patent war between makers of mobile phones, tablet computer devices and their operating software.

Microsoft has won three patent cases against Motorola in Germany.

As its largest accusation ever, Google bought Motorola mobility last year for $12.5 billion. 

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