Thursday, October 11, 2012

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Designs ‘Digits’ 3D Gloveless Sensor

A new technology from Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ:MSFT) can track the movement of fingers and let users interact with extreme accuracy.

Microsoft’s most recent 3D interaction device is basically a little sensor that is worn on the wrist. There is no glove, but it helps in tracking the movement of the fingers with extreme meticulousness, letting a person interact with gestures, sign language and other movements as subtle as a pinch.

This seems to be pretty cool and one can find out how once they get the sensor a bit smaller. Digits could be incorporated in all kinds of applications ranging from gaming to mobile computing. They can be used to control every day household items and allow disabled people to interact better with technology.

One can go on and on wondering about how this kind of device could be of any use. It is not hard to think of sword-fighting games like CLANG to allow a developed virtual keyboard anywhere, simplifying typing on mobile phones.

The list can go on and on.

Once Digits are combined with 3D projection technology, technology could transform the whole rooms into 3D environments. It is not hard to imagine how virtual reality gaming could just be approaching, especially when one starts exploring computer goggles and glasses that work.

More significantly, one can start to scratch the surface of what this can mean to education, medical technology, and other non-gaming uses.

Wearable computing is the big buzz phrase that has been touted recently by Gabe Newell of Valve. He has mentioned this sort of wrist bands in his past discussions.

However cool such stuffs seem, when it comes to games, it is not about the approach towards virtual reality or total reality or fancy gadgets. At times, it is about building really good games, no matter what type of controller is used. 


  1. sounds cool. when can I buy one?

  2. Compare this to the forthcoming Leap Motion device, which does not require you to wear anything but reads very fine-grained motions within its field of view.


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