Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT): The Surface surfaces to the scene with good luck on its side

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) finally gave out the price of the Surface Tablets before the pre-orders were allowed on the online store of the company. Revealed very recently, the price of the basic model, which has 32 GB memory, along with a touch cover, will come for $499.00. The company faced a lot of skepticism by many people, who frowned upon how expensive the tablet was, but the pre-orders suggest that the basic model has already been sold out, as in the pre-orders are no longer being received for the 32 GB models.
The online store for Microsoft says that the back orders for the same model will be shipping out after three weeks, which probably means that they will be shipping out three weeks after the release of the tablet, which is said to be on the 26th of October. This is the date set for the official launch. Considering the fact that Microsoft had ordered for mass production of the tablet, they are obviously expecting the sales to be off the roof, and by the looks of it, the sales are definitely headed the right way. The more expensive models, however, are still available for ordering. There are two models above the basic one. One is for $599, and the other is for $699. The expensiveness of the model will decide the sensitivity of the touch screen, probably. They will also be shipping along with the first batch on the date of the launch. If customers still want one of the tablets on the day of the release, then they will have to shell out about $100 extra just for this privilege. 
While the basic model may be sold out right now, one does not know about the details pertaining to these sales. These pre-orders may be blocked now, but one needs to be better informed about how many were available in the first place, before making a judgment call on the sales. The iPad Mini is also about to release, which is also something to watch out, along with the competition between these two companies. 

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