Tuesday, October 2, 2012

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) to decrease prices in order to increase popularity

A new, cheaper prepaid plan, with greater facilities, is being introduced by AT&T Inc.(NYSE:T) Mobility, in order to keep up with the competition from Verizon. The new prepaid plan offers Unlimited Voice, Unlimited texting, and 1 GB of data download, in order to compete with Verizon Wireless.

 The new prices which AT&T is offering are bringing it closer to the no-contract offerings. The new prepaid plan is priced at $65, and is called the AT&T GoPhone Plan. It will be made available to the public from the 7th of October, and apart from the unlimited texting within the country, the new scheme will also include unlimited texts to Mexico, Canada as well as texts to a 100 other countries. This is a marked change, and is a lot cheaper than the previous plan by the company, under which for $75, one could get unlimited voice and texting, along with 1 GB of data download.

The other plans which the network offers will continue as they were. The $50 plan of unlimited voice and texting, the $25 plan of unlimited texting, and two hundred and fifty minutes of voice, as well the optional data packages which can accompany these plans, will remain unchanged.  AT&T has a fixed rate for the data packages, which is $25 for one GB, $15 for 200 MB and $5 for fifty MB.

By decreasing the price of the plan, AT&T stands to make itself more popular because its plan is fifteen dollars cheaper than the same plan offered by Verizon. The same offerings are included in the plan which Verizon had launched in May, but for $80. However, the company had made up for the price by increasing the number of smartphones which could use the scheme. Motorola, Android phones, Palm, Nokia, Research in Motion and other such companies were made eligible to include the network into their smartphones.

AT&T has also increased the number of smartphones which can use its network in them. However, both the companies, despite their efforts, are still amongst the high-priced range when it comes to offers of network services on phones. There are a number of   network companies with cheaper options. 

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