Friday, November 2, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL): iPad Mini Dissection Reveals Samsung LCD And Design Cues From iPhone 5

A dissection of the new iPad mini from Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) has disclosed that the device shares design parts and choices with the recently revamped iPhone 5.

iFixit found on tearing down the device that it has a large metal plate behind its screen that is held in its position by 16 screws. Similar plates were found in the iPhone 5 and also in the new 5th generation iPod touch, which made the repair experts to conclude that the plate is a new iDevice design convention.

The metal frame behind the screen is so tiny that it and the connector covers have enough metal to fake a minimum of 2 or 3 paperclips.

On removing the thin panel, the first exposed integrated circuit is the Murata 339So171 Wi-Fi component, which is also found within the iPhone 5.

The integrated circuits that control the display reveal that the LCD panel was built by Samsung. Apple is believed to have been looking to buy parts from companies other than Samsung, which is a primary competitor, but the Korean electronic maker was also the only supplier of LCD panels for the third generation iPad Retina display earlier this year.

The disassembly has also confirmed that the iPad mini is equipped with stereo speakers. By replacing the 30-pin dock connector with the smaller Lightning port, Apple has just the right amount of space to stuff in a second speaker.

Antennas are also spotted atop each speaker in the iPad mini, presumably for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity options. The speakers are held in their positions by what iFixit said are some of the smallest screws they have ever witnessed.

The Lightning Connector was found soldered to the logic board in the iPad mini. This is a change from the dock connector in the third generation iPad that would make repairs pretty expensive. 

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  1. Samsung needs to stop supplying Apple any parts. If Apple think they are so much better than everyone else, and go suing left right and center (including Samsung many times), let them get by with worse components by having to buy from the likes of LG and Sharp, and let's see Apple's products fall even further behind the curve then.


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