Thursday, November 1, 2012

Votel Mobile’s cheap and affordable schemes introduced under Sprint Nextel Corporation(NYSE:S)’s network

There have been many MVNOs which have been joining under the network by Sprint Nextel Corporation(NYSE:S). The Platinum Mobile Brand, which is operated by Macalester Telecom of America, is also under the Sprint bandwagon. Votel Mobile is the newest MVNO is the block. However, if the users or the prospective users are looking for innovative schemes, then there aren’t any. The company has decided to keep options simple and uncomplicated. Its biggest advantage is the fact that it provides really cheap service. In fact, Votel Mobile provides cheaper service than most other prepaid providers who give out unlimited schemes in tier 1and tier 2.

The company has introduced two very basic plans which are very cheap and affordable. The first one is for $33.33 per month, and is the standard “Unlimited” Plan. The second one is the “Android Smartphone Unlimited Plan” under which, the user will have to pay $43.33. These figures are inclusive of the taxes and the other such charges, and therefore, are not deceptive at all. The Votel Mobile connection can be used by three smartphones currently, which are: LG’s Optimus Elite, Replenish, by Samsung, and Kyocera Milano. Apart from smartphones, the connection can be used with normal phones such as the basic ones from Kyocera, Sanyo, as well as LG.

Jeff Javidzad, who is the CEO of Votel Mobile, stated that the company was built by veterans in the mobile industry, who know what the customers want. Instead of trying to make things complicated, the best strategy, they thought, would be to provide simple, uncomplicated and affordable service to the customers. They have tried to dispel the hang-ups which usually come with cheap services. Opting for one would usually be followed by very poor service and limited hand-set selection. The company tries to keep everything simple by not entangling the customers into contracts, catches and conditions. Votel Mobile was built on the clause that the company would provide good service at cheap rates.

After Sprint launched the offer of any company becoming an MVNO, there have been many brands joining under the Sprint Nextel network. However, this has not lead to particularly good business, or a drastic change in revenue for the network.  

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