Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Managing To Cope With iPhone 5 Demands

Supply of Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPhone 5 units at the retail stores of the US has met with raging demand during the bustling holiday season.  

Gene Munster and his team of analysts at Piper Jaffray have maintained their nightly checks of 100 Apple Stores. They found that supply of Verizon and AT&T versions has essentially improved. Sprint models, on the other hand, are readily available.

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Munster said that as the holiday season approaches, consumers will likely have the capability to pay a visit to an Apple Store and get an iPhone 5 within the next two weeks.

His checks of Apple’s store revealed drastic improvement in terms of availability. As of Tuesday night, the AT&T model was available at 82% of stores and the Verizon model was available at 72% of stores. The Sprint iPhone 5 was also in stock at 92% of Apple Stores.

Signs of better supply were noticed this week when Apple changed its online store to promote two-week shipping times for the iPhone 5. Apple’s predicted shipping times for its products are frequently seen as a sign of how the company is competent to cope up with the rising demand.

Availability of the Verizon and AT&T iPhone 5 models was exceptionally constrained earlier this month. However, Apple has been slowly catching up in the upcoming weeks.

Apple seems to have encountered a number of quality control problems with assembling iPhone 5 when the device was first announced. However, the information from the company’s supply chain revealed that the capacity was improving gradually as partners of Apple got used to making of the redesigned device.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook has stated in a press conference that demand of iPhone 5 has been incredible and Apple is working hard to ensure that every customer gets an iPhone 5. 


  1. They are only coping with demands now because everyone that wanted to buy one already has. No one wants them any more.

  2. Haha ya, that's it. Nobody wants an iPhone 5 for Christmas. Keep smoking buddy.

  3. Demand wasn't that great to begin-with. The whole shortage was made up to make the iPhone 5 look cool and successful (kind of like what night clubs do by creating artificial lineups outside to make themselves look happening and attract more people).
    If the iPhone wasn't so flawed, and wasn't mostly a rehash of the iPhone 4S with just a slightly-bigger screen, maybe then it would have been the success that its predecessors have been.

    Wake up, Apple. Your fanbase is getting tired of the same garbage every year. Their loyalty is not indefinite and not at any cost!

    So this article is true in saying that there is no shortage now (not that people are really flocking to the iPhone5 anymore). Thing is, there never really was.

  4. To the second poster: I don't want one, you don't want one, most other people don't want one, so yes, noone wants one for christmas.
    Ok, maybe a bit too harsh...there are lots of Apple devotees that will buy anything from Apple, no matter how bad it is or how overpriced, and there are those who will buy anything that looks shiny and expensive (no matter how little substance there is to it), so yes, there will be those who will want this for christmas.

  5. Everyone is holding out for an iphone 5s. The 5 is old news.

  6. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how Android fanboys are far more extreme than iphone users. I guess its that they feel like they have something to prove. So they keep shouting down anything that compliments iPhone. iPhone users dont have endless hours to fiddle and tweak and setup their phones, they have a life. They just want something that works. Thats why iphone models will outsell every other model of android phone. Because most people are NOT kids with too much time on their hands. Incidently Neilson just released a survey showing that 4 of the top 5 items on kids ages 6-20 were Apple products including the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iPad mini.

    Your "theory" that no one wants iphones was intuitively laughable. but now we have scientific proof as well. And when the January earnings report comes, we will have historical proof.

  7. lol at the idiots who think no one wants an iphone 5. Here in Canada, its still a 2 week wait depending on which courier your with. Stupid fandroids.

  8. /\yup, IPhone 5 is in great demand and is more successful than the S3...

  9. Yes, the iPhone 5 has demand... but what I really, really don't understand is - why? I mean, if you want the "just-works" of Apple, why not buy a 4 or a 4s? There is virtually nothing in the new phone that warrants wanting it, except it is the latest model. Sorry to all you iPhone owners, but if you really wanted the latest and greatest tech, its time to look elsewhere. Up until 2 years ago, the iPhone was the best. But now? Seriously.... look around.


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