Thursday, November 1, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Ordered By UK Court To Redo Apology Note

It is a fact that the UK court-ordered note that Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) presented that had its admittance to the fact that Samsung had not copied the iPad’s design lacked lustre.

The UK court appeal had reprimanded Apple for adding extra text regarding other court cases to the note, finding it non-compliant, as reported by the Guardian. The company was told by the judges at the court that it must rephrase the note within a span of 48 hours, link prominently from its homepage until 14th December and use minimum 11-point font.

The original Apple note felt like a half-handed apology on behalf of Apple. It never mentioned iPad by name and it was filled with confusing legalese. However, it seems that the court had a bigger problem with Apple mentioning other court cases with Samsung in Germany and the US, where the Korean electronics company was found to be at fault for infringing on Apple’s patented designs. Apple has also included one statement from a judge of the UK where he described their products as cool whereas Samsung’s to be the opposite.

Apple has tried to object from the judges demands this morning by saying that a new draft of the note would take minimum 14 days to create. A judge simply exclaimed that he cannot believe the claim.

The news is part of an ongoing legal war between Samsung and Apple. a US jury ruled that Samsung has deliberately infringed on Apple iPhone’s patented designs and awarded Apple $1 billion as damages. Apple has also requested that a number of Samsung smartphones must be barred from sale in the US, but it will have to hang around until 6th December hearing to start arguing those restrictions.

As for the moment, the original statement is still present on the official website of Apple. The company must take back the statement within 24 hours. 

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