Thursday, November 29, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Wins Ruling At A Dutch Court

With Dutch court putting ban on Samsung products over patent issues, Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) managed to secure another victory in its international fight with Samsung. The Dutch court found Samsung guilty of breaching Apple’s patent related to a way to navigate images with help of a touchscreen. Under the verdict, Galaxy products operating on Android 2.2.1 or later and not using Samsung’s own proprietary photo gallery software will be applicable for a sales ban. This is the second lawsuit that Samsung has forfeited in the Netherlands over the same patent in a span of two years.

The patent concerned covers Apple’s iOS products allowing users to scroll past the edge of a zoomed-in picture to see a quick look of the next in a sequence of images.  Samsung initially used the feature in some of its Galaxy products, however, the company’s own proprietary photo gallery feature replaces it with a blue flash highlighting the rim of an image. Samsung said it stopped shipping infringing products in August, 2011.

During the plea hearing in September, Samsung had mentioned that since the last court ruling, it has been using its own technology in all its products in the Netherlands. Samsung has, however, failed to prove itself in the court, resulting in annoyance among the judges.

The court has ruled that if Samsung decides to continue infringing on the patent, it would subject to a penalty of $129,000 each day it is in infringement of the sales ban. Samsung has expressed disappointment in the court’s verdict. Apple has not yet responded to requests to comment.

The Court of The Hague has of late ruled that Samsung does not breach on any Apple multi-touch patent in another Dutch litigation between the companies. The court is slated to rule another case between the two in a case concerning tablet design rights in January.


  1. Wow, Apple...really?

    At first, you did put tablets and smartphones in everyone's hands by making them popular and cool. But now? You are just holding technological advancement back and catering to the lowest common denominator in technology, not encouraging people to learn new technological skills.

    When will you die and stop holding technological advancement back?

  2. In other news, the Dutch can no longer buy loafs of bread from the grocery store. Instead they'll have to buy bagels. Bagels being round and loafs of bread being rectangular will ease the confusion on which one is actually an iphone.

  3. It took Apple 2-3 years, money, blood, sweat and tears, not to mention substantial risk to develop the iPhone. It took Samsung 3 months to copy it and become the dominant smartphone seller. Is that fair? If you invented a working nuclear fusion reactor, would be ok with Samsung taking your work and selling it as their own? Apple should be allowed to reap the benefits of their work for 10 years. After that make it available to everyone.

    1. Wow, software patents. Blood? Sweat? Maybe tears.
      This is just getting ridiculous.
      Remind me again who needed to take the substantial risk to actually build these phones?
      Hint, not apple

    2. Lol, you Apple Fan boys really make me laugh sometimes.
      I would love to rip you apart with facts not opinions. But what would that accomplish. Exactly, nothing.. I'll let you enjoy this moment.


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