Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB): Mobile Versions Lack Options To Provide Negative Feedback

With users increasingly checking Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) from their tablets and phones, the social networking sire is placing more adverts in the mobile feed. Even though the company reveals that it is monitoring ad performance and user response,  two significant feedback mechanisms are missing or hidden on most of the mobile versions of Facebook – ‘Mark as spam’ and ‘Hide’.

These options are available on every sponsored story on the desktop version of Facebook. They are inconsistent when it comes to the mobile version. Mobile advertisements are already a daily business of $3 million for Facebook, however, for truly getting a sense of how users think about adverts and other content in their feed, there needs to be an obvious way for them to offer a negative feedback.

As of present scenario, the social networking site is in fact missing significant data and in some cases, there is no way of providing a negative feedback. In case as story is a photo, users need to have a ‘report photo’ link below it since no button comes up in the top right.

From the native iOS app, users can tap almost anywhere on a post. If anyone clicks on a link to view a full-sized photo, a separate screen will be opened where the top right corner can be tapped. There is an option to ‘report’ or ‘mark as spam’ but there is none to ‘hide’ it.

In the native Android app, there is no way to provide such feedback on most of the posts since there is a Like button in the top right. There is a ‘report photo’ link on posts with photos that users can tap to view. On reporting a photo, users can specify why they did so.

On all mobile platforms, the new ‘Pages you may like’ unit do not come with any chance to provide negative feedback. 

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