Saturday, November 3, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) releases new toys for the developers

There has been a recent lag of no new offerings from Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) to developers, but the social networking site is trying to make up for it. There have been new updates for the developers, which are sure to get them interested. The application dashboard is soon to receive a bunch of new updates which are specifically aimed at the developers, to help them create and innovate further.

Amongst the new developments which the site has in store for the developers, the Sponsored Result can now be accessed through the dashboard for the applications. Facebook has tried to make the job easier and simpler for the developers by providing them with a tab called Promote, which will enable them with all the tools required to make an advertisement for the site. The Promote tab will contain everything which the developer will need to create the adverts, although, despite this update, the site itself recommends the usage of the API as well as the Power Editor, so the adverts which are yielded are of better quality and are much more functional. However, the new tab is definitely a huge help for he developers, and it makes things far more efficient.

Facebook has also managed to bring about the complete functionality of transparent icons. The site has introduced a new update whereby the PNG format icons will provide absolute transparency, and will be a first for the site. This new update, however, is not retroactive in nature. In order to reap the benefits of the icon transparency, new icons shall have to be uploaded by the developers. Plus, company information entry is a task which is no longer as complicated as it once was. The process now entails five very simple steps for the entry of the required information by the developers. They can now put in the necessary information, after which, Facebook shall pay them their share of he profits, which the site will gain, through the usage of the games developed. These updates will start getting released, and will come out as functional ones within this month.

The App Center will now also be enabled with the keyword search, which will make some applications much more prominent, and will give them a lot of coverage. 

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