Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) testing auto photo sync for iOS

Now Apple users, who are addicted to uploading photos to their Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) profiles, can do it through an automatic sync facility which will be available on Apple devices.

TechCrunch reported that the Facebook's photo syncing feature is being tested on iOS and is in the trial stages now.

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The feature will allow users to automatically upload images taken by the device, to a private folder in their Facebook account. These photos can then be retrieved later and shared, kept private or deleted by the user.

Those who are apprehensive about privacy issues and have visions of photos on their phones finding their way onto Facebook need not be alarmed.

The feature is automatic only as so far as it is allowed by the user. Facebook itself has details about the feature and how it works.

To get it up and running, according to Facebook, users must have the latest version of the social network's app and click the "Sync" option at the bottom of the Photos menu. A total of 2GB worth of photos can be stored from mobile devices.

Tech Crunch said that only a small group of iOS users may have been able to use the auto sync facility with Facebook.

The automatic sync feature for Android devices is already on since September.

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