Thursday, November 1, 2012

Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB): Twitter’s ‘Favorite’ button to be replaced by something lighter

The Favorite button which has been such a common sight in Twitter will soon be replaced by something more akin to the ‘Like’ Button on Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB). This decision to change the traditional symbol for liking other tweets is going to be done so as to make the sign more lightweight. Many of the twitter regulars have noticed that instead of the usual sign, which says ‘Favorite’, they were now getting so see options such as ‘Like’ or ‘Star’.

Dick Costolo is the Chief Executive of Twitter, and at the Internet Advertising Bureau's Engage conference, which was held on Thursday in London, he talked about the reason why Twitter would be making this change after having had the ‘Favorite’ button for so many years. He said that the option should be more lightweight for the users. The word ‘Favorite’ is not as much of a lightweight word as ‘Like’ and through the lightweight agenda, the firms which use the networking forum for purposes of branding, will also get more traction than they do. From the point of advertising, Costolo also pointed out, how the more lightweight it is, the more engagement it will draw. This is one of the primary reasons for changing the name of the button. It was in May that the company decided to make these changes to the site.

During the conference, Dick Costolo also talked about the statistics of the users on the site. He said that about 140 million users on Twitter, who are active, and on a daily basis, the site is meeting with an average of half a billion tweets. During the first US Presidential Debate, the site poured out a record of about 8,000 tweets per second. He also addressed the apprehensions by others that Twitter may be taking away what publishers and broadcasters are there for, but Costolo stated that instead of encroaching upon the grounds of traditional media, Twitter enhances the roles of the traditional media.

Costolo also talked about how he runs the company, and he talked about his habit of micro-managing. 

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