Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Posters At Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Headquarters Beg To Test Android

Josh Constine, a technology journalist from TechCrunch,was once told by a Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) spokesperson that initially the company gave iPhones to its employees. The decision and the rise of Android phones have left Facebook scrambling to get its workers dogfooding its apps for Google’s breath-taking operating system.  Currently, the headquarters of the company is plastered with some eye-popping posters asking Facebook users to switch to Android as soon as possible and fix the bugs on the operating system through Rage Shake.

Facebook is apparently making changes, not just to mobile, but to an unbiased focus across mobile through an informal agenda to push employees to Android. It was first mentioned by Owen Thomson of Business Insider that the operation ‘Droidfooding’, a portmanteau of Android and dogfooding, is eating one’s own dogfood and resting one’s own products.

Josh has got some pictures of the vaguely propagandistic posters that were found around the Menlo Park campus of Facebook. The most appealing one is a graph depicting projection of International Data Corporation for shipments of Androids vs. iPhones. It reveals how Google’s operating system is getting bundled with double the devices as Apple’s by the year 2016. If the social networking site cannot even out the ratio of iOS to Android-loving employees soon, it may end up ignoring the vast majority of its smartphone app users.

The problem started since the introduction of the first iPhone was a lot better than the first batch of Android handsets. Apple’s advanced operating system and device and traction made it much more appealing to the employees of Facebook.

Since the Apple handsets cost a lot, there was a disconnection. Most people had to think about the cost of the handset they are using. They may not be perfect but Androids get the work done. One could browse the web, manage e-mails, provide maps and access Facebook. If the social networking company intends on giving its Android users the best experience, it needs a major portion of the company experimenting its Android apps and brainstorming.

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