Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) To Take Down Background Images

Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOG) had made an announcement in September that users would no longer be able to upload pictures with Classic Plus that used to allow selecting and uploading images to use as backgrounds on Google homepage. The company said that the service will completely stop on 16th November.

Through a notification on its homepage, Google is thanking its users, who presently use the background image feature. It says that as the company works on a more streamlined version of Google page for its users, it will not be able to support customization with background images.

The search engine giant is also in process of modernizing a number of aspects including AdSense for Feeds that is slated to shut down totally on 3rd December.

The Spreadsheet Gadgets was also taken down since a number of popular gadgets are now integrated into charts in spreadsheets. Google mentioned that it has plans of phasing out the Spreadsheet gadgets that is scheduled to start next year.

The ‘Recommended Sections’ of Google News has been taken off on 15th October.

This is not all. +1 Reports in Webmaster Tools are supposed to phase out from 14th November. Google mentioned in an official blog post that the company had introduced the +1 Reports in Webmaster Tools to aid publishers in calculating +1 activities on their pages. Since webmaster now use Social Reports in Google Analytics in order to get a broader view of social activity, the company will terminate the standalone +1 Reports on 14th November.

All the aforementioned aspects have been started by Google as a part of its ‘Continued Spring Cleaning’. Google has stated in an official blog post that technology delivers several opportunities to help enhancing the lives of users. This implies it is crucial to focus or one may end up doing too much with less impact.


  1. I'm really not happy about this at all. It really irks me the you people,"The Google Company," are going to do this to us google background picture users!!!! Shame on you for doing this to us!!!! You could've just left google the way it was, like before with google background images, but no, you guys have to change and delete it!!!! "Why!!!!!" "For what apparent reason?!!!!!!" It really makes me angry that there are Internet/Website changers at there on the computer!!!! Wowww!!!!! I'm really shocked and angry about this!!!! It really hurts me that you guys are going to distroy google like that!!!! It really isn't nice to not have any feelings or any emotions for other google users out there!!!!! That's a real shame!!!! Sincerely & Sadly, Rebecca Soogrim emails: rebeccasoogrim25@gmail.com

  2. Really upset about the backgrounds guys. Really lowered my expectations. This is why Bing is suddenly getting more advance and enhance in every aspect.


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