Friday, November 16, 2012

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT): New Windows Chief Appalled At Sinofsky’s Departure

Julie Larson-Green, Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ:MSFT)’s new chief of Windows has admitted that she was elevated as Windows chief. This has cast a further doubt on the idea that Julie’s predecessor, Steven Sinofsky’s leaving has been a methodical process.

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Through a message on Facebook, Julie has thanked people for a surge of congratulation wishes, adding that she is still in ‘shock’.
Microsoft has mentioned on Tuesday that Julie will guide all Windows hardware and software on the direct exit of Windows and Windows Live chief Steven Sinofsky.

In an official declaration, Steve Ballmer, chief executive of Microsoft has suggested that the changeover was an arranged one. He called Julie the best possible person for the post, based on business and technical skills that are needed to carry on Windows trajectory.

However, the most loyal fans of Microsoft and Windows operating system could argue this was a part of a thought-out succession process.

Major executives of the level of Sinofsky would generally provide their time over a span of months as part of surrender. They do not leave the company as an instant effect.

Under normal conditions, Microsoft would have declared the departure and built in a shift period of a number of months, not just to make sure that the development happens easily but also to persuade World+Dog that development is happening without any disruption.

Sinofsky’s exit happened at a time when the Windows 8 launch is still on its mid-way. It is just three weeks that Windows RT Surface and Windows 8 were released.

A persuasive explanation of the unexpected change has not been approaching from Sinofsky, Ballmer or Microsoft.

Sinofsky has claimed that he was taking a pause between two product cycles. Ballmer mentioned in an interview with Reid Hoffman that Sinofsky’s departure from the company was his own wish. The departure has been easily the most upsetting event during the launch sequence of the most crucial product of the company. 

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