Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Applies For A New Technology

Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ:MSFT) has applied for a patent for its Google Goggles-alike Terminator-style technology that is likely to slap facts and figures over everything one sees.

Redmond’s idea is for a head mounted exhibit with supplemental data when viewing a live happening. Apart from the live event, it sounds much like Google’s Project Glass, particularly when the company adds that the display must be at least partially transparent and the pictures all show a pair of glasses.

The example that Microsoft has for its amplified reality device is a happy customer watching most American sport, Baseball and getting player stats popping up next to the related pitcher and batter.

The technology company wants the head mounted display to keep the user clued-up in real time and with pertinent data. The display would have to understand to where the user was seated and what they were looking at while updating as they turn their heads.

This all may ring a bell, and not only because of Project Glass. A leaked document in summer had revealed next-generation Xbox plans that included augmented reality glasses.

Fans of live sports and art events have enjoyed several types of information that is provided on different displays to supplement the love event. Such supplemental information is provided when a user is in attendance at the event and also when a user watches the event on broadcast media. An instance of such an event is the augmentation of football games to display a first down marker overlaid on a playing field in a screened television episode and the broadcast of replays on larger displays and broadcast television at the site of the event.

Till date, Microsoft’s discoveries associated with head mounted devices have been focused on gaming and general virtual reality apps. 

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