Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) Lumia 920 Faring Well In Germany

It seems like Nokia Corporation (ADR)(NYSE:NOK) may have discovered a sweet spot in the smartphone industry with its new Lumia 920 handset.

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Early indications point out that the Lumia 920 is making decent sales. It has already managed to make it to the Amazon’s list of Top 10 best selling cellphones with service plans. Lumia 920 has ranked 2nd, as of Monday morning. A few models are also back-ordered for 1-2 weeks. At the same time, there are reports from Europe that reveal that the Lumia 920 is also selling pretty well abroad, particularly in Germany, where it is difficult to get hold of a place.

As per a statement that was posted on Facebook by Nokia Deutschland, a few retail partners of Nokia in Germany have faced Lumia 920 stock-outs ever since the device was available earlier this month.
Nokia has explained that it is due to high demands by customers that the company has received reports of stock-outs of the latest Lumia 920 in a number of shops. Nokia has assured everyone that it is working very hard on having all the models in all the colors available in Germany for interested customers.
A Nokia representative, when asked for a comment, said that the company is confronted with a lot of interest in its new Lumia lineup of smartphones. However, the spokesperson has refused to provide any information on sales figures.

If it is assumed that Germany is facing a situation of strong demand and not because of average demand has been met with modest supply, it is indeed very good news for Nokia. The company is relying on its Lumia lineup for reviving its otherwise declining smartphone sales figures. Undoubtedly, investors are seeing this to be the only way.

Nokia shares closed up over 6% on Monday, which is the biggest profit the company has seen in weeks. 


  1. Sold out in Germany because of demand? ... hmm, that looks more like a fishy Microsoft tactics to convince everybody that things are going just fine. It still can be true unless German don't read news about poor battery life of all Windows Phone 8 devices and unexpected reboots...

    1. I bought Lumia 920 in NYC on AT&T and I absolutely LOVE IT. Battery is better than anything I used so far and I have seen no crashes, on the contrary, the W8 is working extraordinarily well, super fast. I owned iPhone 3, then HTC Evo, now this. I am right now in love with this phone, sorry.

    2. My windows phone has been way more reliable than my buddys android phone. Also runs much cooler.

    3. Battery live trounces any android device I've had (Droid, Droid X, S2). WP8 stability is rock solid. My android devices were the ones to randomly crash and reset on me, not WP. Stability has been on par or better than any iProducts (iPad 2, wife's iPhone 4s). There will always be lemons in any product, but from what I'm reading, most 920s are rock solid. Sorry, troll elsewhere.

    4. May be you have never used a smartphone with LTE in your life. A day's battery for a heavy user (LTE usage) with a 4.5 inch screen is quite normal and well-accepted among smartphone users. It's time for you to change the calendar.

    5. Ofcourse it couldn't possibly be true that in fact someone other than Apple can produce a good smart phone !

      Also lets not forget that all mobile phone manufacturers experience issues with their devices on launch or do you forget the constant (and current) complaints about lag and hangs on Android, Mapplegate and Antennagate on Apple. Need I go on?

      Nokia have done something very few others have done which is produce both a device that is innovative and in demand from users. Why rain on their parade?

  2. I just checked and found out that the big operators like T Mobile and O2 don't even sell the WP8 Nokias in Germany. That could mean, that the real sales figures are quite moderate anyway.

  3. i have Lumia 920 and it works like a charm. My wife and myself already loving this beauty. Its been 2 weeks and we just love clean and smooth interface. we are glad to make transition from iPhone 4s and HTC Android. Nokia & MS way to go.

  4. Reboots? The same problems as Google Nexus devices.
    And Vodafone is much bigger than O2 and selling the Nokia devices..

  5. Apple fan boys are everywhere!!!

  6. Lumia 920 is by far the best phone on the market right now. It´s no surprise it´s doing good.

  7. lUMIA 920, we have it for a week, it is really a revolutionary phone, a quantum leap in smartphone innovation and technology. At this price, it is really a Christmas gift from Nokia to everyone. Why bother with Iphone and others? Nokia is on the mend and we are buying lots of stocks. Investment opportunity of a lifetime! It is about time APPLE, SAMSUNG and others stop being critical but follow the NOKIA innovations.

  8. I bought Lumia 920 in NYC on AT&T and I absolutely LOVE IT. Battery is better than anything I used so far and I have seen no crashes, on the contrary, the W8 is working extraordinarily well, super fast. I owned iPhone 3, then HTC Evo, now this. I am right now in love with this phone.

  9. Grrrr... I'm trying to get a Lumia 920 from AT&T for two weeks now and always is old out or there are insane lines... I finished ordering online but I have to wait like another week because the short in supply.

    Couple friends have the Lumia 920 and wow... just wow... it is way ahead of every other phone.

  10. LUMIA 920: took beautiful pics and HD video of my our grand kids. Best camera I have ever experienced; and we own very expensive professional cameras. I tested the City Lens -- out of this world! the navigation is something to behold. This phone should be priced at a premium -- say $900; yet NOKIA is selling this PRODUCT OF THE YEAR at a bargain price of $99! Why bother with IPHONE 5 and IPAP? This new WINDOW 8 LUMIA 920 is it!

  11. Best screen on the market
    (most responsive, allows use through gloves etc, one of the top ppi ratings and higher than the iPhone),

    Innovative technology adoption
    (NFC and wireless charging with many accessories to make this a real value),

    best camera on the market without any other to compare
    (best in market for low light shooting and image stabilisation - no more blurred photos)

    lots of free exclusive apps of a high quality (that last part is important),

    one of if not the best mapping solutions on the market
    (offline maps of whole cities),

    the best hardware out there
    (people forget how important a good phone signal is until they lose is)

    Innovative design
    (curved glass, multiple colours, great components)

    I hate to take from other peoples catch phrases but "It just works" and it does it beautifully

    Name another company that has managed this in recent history!

    You have to remember that this is from a company that couldn't produce a modern smartphone just over a year ago.

    Not a bad first attempt in my book.


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