Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NYSE:AMD) introduces a new line of Opteron chips

Chip maker Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.(NYSE:AMD) on Tuesday introduced a line of Opteron processors, in pursuit of an aggressive strategy that will see it making improvements to its Opteron line as well as use of ARM and x86 chips by 2014.

The new line of processors introduced by the company is targeted for use in cloud servers that are used to process web transactions.

The new Opteron 4300 and 3300 x86 server chips have up to eight cores and are targeted at entry-level and mid-range servers.

The nine new chips could be used in the company's SeaMicro dense servers, which already employ the older 4200 and 3200 server chips. The previous chips were introduced late last year, and the new chips provide performance and power consumption upgrades, the Tech World reported.

AMD has been facing a slump for some time not only in the computer segment but also in servers and it is trying to get some life back into it with its x86 processors and the ARM-based servers which will start selling in 2014.

AMD last month started shipping the Opteron 6300 server chips for midrange and high-end servers. The Opteron 4300 and 3300 chips are targeted at the fast-growing market for cloud servers, in which a large number of transactions are processed at any given moment.

The low-end Opteron 3300 chips provide enterprise-class features in a low power envelope "at a desktop processor price," AMD said in a statement.

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