Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) to introduce new range of Surface tablets in 2013

Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ:MSFT) will soon introduce its three new and distinct generations of its Surface tablets in 2013, Tech Crunch reported citing a Microsoft tipster's tweet.

It only makes sense that they would go big with both Surface and Windows 8, making up for lost time with plenty of shapes and sizes. After all, the company bet a lot on the popularity of a brand-new Microsoft, complete with Metro, touch, and true entry into the hardware space, the report by Tech Crunch said.

The company's strategy to go aggressive with its tablets is in line with Chief Executive Steve Ballmer's recent statements in a letter to shareholders that it would be focussing more on the mobile space compared to the traditional computing space, which have been its bread and butter so far.

According to Tech Crunch the first tablet is said to be an 8.6-inch Surface RT 2, running on a Qualcomm chipset instead of the NVIDIA Tegra 3 chip.

The Microsoft Pro will allegedly upgrade to an 11.6-inch display with an unreleased AMD “Temash” APU, and a new Surface Book product will sport a hefty 14.6-inch display with a next-gen 22nm “Haswell” chip from Intel under the hood.

With a 10.6 inches screen, Microsoft's current Surface tablet is the largest in the segment, even bigger than the Apple's iPad, which at 9.7 inches is fairly large.

It will be interesting to see how the market reacts to anything above 11 inches in size. After all the whole attractiveness of the tablets lie in their compact size combined with the power of their computing. An 11 inch display is as good as a laptop or a notebook.

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