Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bingo - Google Maps Is Back On iPhone

And finally, iPhone gets back Google Maps.

The most popular mapping service in the world traced its way back to the iPhone on Wednesday after the Google Maps’ iPhone App was released. The release takes place about 3 months after Apple introduced its own Apple Maps and replaced the versatile Google Maps.

Apple Maps has been proved to be way mediocre in comparison to Google Maps. The shocking shoddiness that the Apple Maps came with led to a rare public apology issued by Apple CEO Tim Cook. He even recommended iPhone users to access Google maps through their web browsers and seek other alternative ways to get navigation information. Cook has fired the executive, who was in charge of the operating system after the much-hyped Apple Maps was reduced to nothing but a joke.

Apple Maps had most of the landmarks misplaced. Significant towns were overlooked and there have been reported instances of iPhone users getting lost. One of the most egregious example of such an instance is that the Australian police had issued public warning to be careful while using Apple maps while traveling. Apparently, the city of Mildura was grossly misplaced on Apple Maps, posing life threatening risks since the system directed users to look for the city into a remote desert that is located 44 miles away from the actual destination.

On the flip side, Google is summoning its latest iPhone app as a great new achievement.

Mobile director of Google Maps, Daniel Graf said that the company has started from the scratch when it comes to designing maps.

Apple is said to have taken the decision to design its own mapping app when Google had refused to add the popular turn-by-turn directions feature to the iPhone app, while the feature was available to all Android users.

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