Wednesday, December 12, 2012

GE Manufactures Almost-Quiet Cooler For Next-Gen Tablets And Laptops

General Electric has introduced the sleekest, high-performance cooler for the next-gen ultra-thin laptops and tablets. This cooler gives way to slimmer designs of laptops and designs. It also uses half the power of a fan that helps in boosting the battery life exceptionally. And, it is almost silent.

GE has used technology, DCJ (Dual Piezoelectric Cooling Jets) in manufacturing the cooler. DCJ is similar to a small pair of bellows. It is responsible for sucking in cool air and contracting to eject hot air. GE had initially invented the DCJ technology in cooling commercial jet engines. However, it was two years back when it seemed that they came up with an idea of miniaturizing the technological use in computers.

The cooler designed by GE resembles the dimensions of a credit card. The official press release, however, mentions that the complete cooling solution is 4 mm. that is 50% sleeker than all the current fan-dependant solutions. It is, undoubtedly, a significant addition in the world of technology as we advance towards sleeker models of tablets and laptops that are of sub-8 mm.

As per the VP of GE, Chris Giovanniello said that DCJ technology can be made very quiet. Users would not be able to tell if it is running. This is because the technology is dissimilar to that of a fan. It is devoid of blades and hence, there is absolutely no vibration and buzzing. It is also because DCJ gives rise to localized cooling. GE has suggested that having a group of smaller and more effective DCJs rather than having fan assembly and heat pipe can lead to better results.

GE has already authenticated the DCJ technology to a Japanese thermal management company, Fujikura. GE is also offering OEMs along with DCJ packages, so that the former can experiment with the technology in the next-gen laptops and tablets.  

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