Wednesday, December 12, 2012

BlackBerry 10 L Series Phone Images And Video Leaked

A leaked picture and a video have helped in getting a sneak peak of Research In Motion Limited (USA)(NASDAQ:RIMM)’s L Series BB 10 phone that is slated to be launched sometime next year.

People, who have been waiting for Research In Motion’s upcoming launch of BlackBerry 10, can get a look at the L Series phone. It will be Research In Motion’s complete touch screen model, which will be launched along with the QWERTY keypad.

We saw a picture of the phone appearing on the official website for BlackBerry 10 earlier this week, but it did not reveal much detail. It did confirm that the new phone will come with a textured back panel.

The leaked video is a joined teaser shot of RIM and the leaked picture of the device that revealed the entire textured back and a massive BlackBerry logo. A developer had found the image hidden somewhere within the Dev Alpha software update.

All the previous leaks have revealed the L Series phone to be a long device with a 4.2 inch screen and NFC. The device is expected to power the new device. The device is being called by its codename ‘London’.

The leaked video shows a little about the BB 10’s gesture control system. The phone that is shown on the video can be clubbed together with the back panel of the image to get an idea of the L Series phone. Research In Motion has posted an official video revealing the BlackBerry Flow.

RIM will be introducing the BB 10 and its new smartphones at an international event on 30th of January.
 If the leaked images are to be believed, the BlackBerry L Series phones will definitely be a hit. However, its entire success will largely depend on the translation of the BB 10 user interface.

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