Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Facebook Launches ‘Recommended Pages’

Facebook has always been interested in suggesting applications and friends. The latest move by the social networking site is intended to get users to like more pages. The new feature ‘Recommended Pages’ can allow users to connect to pages based on their check-in records and like pages referred by their friends.

The feature was first noted by Inside Facebook.

Facebook recommends pages to its users that they have not liked, depending on their interests and past check-in records. Also, the feature brings back all the page invites that a user has received, something that the previous redesign had left out. Users can also create a new page from here and search for pages that they are interested in. The new feature also provides users with a Search function.

The recommended pages can be accessed through the link ‘Like Pages’ that is present in the left hand side of Facebook. This link used to direct users to a pages browser previously in which they could browse through different genres of pages. After the redesign, the links takes users to a sleeker version of the page with recommended pages tabulated in a single column.
Facebook prepares page recommendations for users after analyzing latest check-ins, Open Graph activity, friend connections and pages visited.
The ‘Like more pages’ module can be found when users choose to hide adverts and also when a friend likes page.
This feature can help Facebook to provide its users with more relevant adverts. Needless to say, advertisers are responsible for choosing their target audience, but it is the site that users often blame when they spot ads they are not related to.

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