Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fedex Experiences Its Busiest Day This Year

10th December signifies the busiest shopping day in this year for FedEx Corporation(NYSE:FDX). The drivers and couriers that deliver packages to people and businesses around the nations will be in-charge of 19 million packages on Monday. This will amount to 11% increase from the year 2011. The central processing plant of the company based in Memphis will power 200 packages/ second on 42 miles of conveyer belt.

The Daily Ticker attended the 48th FedEx Street shipping that took place in midtown Manhattan to get a firsthand look at how bulk of online orders make it to the doorsteps of customers.

FedEx couriers in New York facility start loading their trucks at 7 Am every morning after their regular stretch and exercise regime. Packages of all shapes and sizes are dropped down the conveyer belt. The process lasts for more than an hour and the packages are immediately sorted as per the street addresses. A managing director at FedEx, Nan Malebranche said that the company faces a move in volume during the financial crisis. Some clients had opted for an inexpensive FedEx service in the year 2008 and 2009. The company has now rebounded, much like the economy itself. The economic crisis may be making the headlines but it did not make a substantial effect on consumer buying, at least from FedEx’s point of view.

Malebranche told Aaron Task of The Daily Ticker that the company is busy than normal as of now.

Malebranche oversees 1,300 workers in the New York City and finds the volume exceptionally high in the last week because of the Cyber Monday orders. FedEx has employed an extra of 20,000 workers to assist in managing the holiday rush. Some of the posts will result in full-time work.

Christmas is two and a half weeks away. FedEx’s 90,000 vehicles and 660 aircraft will be ubiquitous in 220 nations. 

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