Monday, December 3, 2012

Rumours: Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) working on an Android phone?

Is Nokia Corporation (ADR)(NYSE:NOK) working on an Android phone?

That seems to be the rumour swirling around set off by the information that Nokia is looking to hire a Linux expert. And Linux, as anyone will tell you, is at the heart of Android.

It may be recalled the Nokia Chief Executive Stephen Elop had stated very firmly that the European handset maker intended to partner with Microsoft and its Windows operating system.

Microsoft is also paying Nokia about 1 billion euros annually for the arrangement between the two companies.

It is quite possible that Nokia may be trying to hedge its bets. After all Android is the most popular operating system in the market now and Windows just a struggling fledgling.

The new Nokia 920 running on Windows Phone 8 is getting good response from the market, but it is never going to be a monster hit nor is it going to create record-setting sales like Apple or even Samsung.

Windows Phones are selling much more than previously - four times faster, according to Chief Executive Steve Ballmer - but we have no idea how Nokia phones are faring.

Until we have some idea about the actual number of Nokia phones sold in terms of numbers it will not be possible to gauge the response.

According to data from Endgadget Nokia sold 7 million of the previous Lumia model worldwide in Q3, just 600,000 of them in the U.S.

However Microsoft has not limited its partnership to Nokia and offers its operating platform to other handset makers as well.

Nokia can do the same as well.

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