Monday, December 10, 2012

The Upcoming Blackberry – Another Playbook?

In order to get an idea of how the upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform is going to fare in the market, the performance of the PlayBook Tablet may be a good option.

Even though hearing the brokerage companies giving the BlackBerry 10 a one in three chances of success, and that the mobile carriers have embraced the operating system, there are a number of problems that could contradict such unsure optimism. To some extent, the rumors bear resemblance to the ones that had developed around RIM’s venture into the tablet industry.

Brian Blair, an analyst at Wedge Partners said that there was an optimism surrounding the PlayBook before its release and the latest response about the performance of the BlackBerry 10 in the market seems to be too positive.

He describes the latest enthusiasm for the OS promises something of a stretch. He does not see any situation where the new device could make a reasonable dent in the enterprise or consumer industry in the next year.
What are the possible obstacles it could face? The same ones the PlayBook had faced. Severe competition from the stronger competitors and customers left with ample time to get familiar and used to the products released by other companies.

RIM’s work with the BB10 is to design a mobile platform that is as compelling as iOS and Android, quite similar to its work with the PlayBook tablet had matched or surpassed Apple’s iPad. Now, that seems to be a big deal and RIM is not quite equipped to match up to it. It did not manage to make PlayBook a hit. it is yet to be seen if it can pull off the BB10.

It would be quite a thing if it can pull off the BB10. But, no doubt, it would be exceptionally difficult. 

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