Saturday, September 22, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPhone 5 Thefts Outbreak In Tennessee, Japan And London

Apart from paying customer getting anxious in getting their hands on Apple’s newest smartphone, there is something else making headlines too. iPhone 5 release has also attracted thieves. As far as the reports go, iPhones worth hundreds of thousands of dollars have been stolen around the world.

A thief has stolen 252 phones before the launch of iPhone 5 in London, as per the BBC. Based on an average selling price of $650, the phones that were lifted from the O2 store are likely to sum up to an amount of $165,000.

Apart from the handsets, cash was also taken from the store of the carrier, as per the reports of police. Authorities are planning on speaking with 23-year old Usman Sethi staying somewhere on East London about the heist.

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In America, police sid that about eight thieves made off with $100,000 worth of stolen iPads and previous versions of iPhones, as per Nashville television station, WSMV. The inventory was stolen from a Best Buy store located in Middle Tennessee after a stolen vehicle was smashed into a door at the loading port. Reports from the scene say that the thieves were planning to steal the new iPhone 5 but the stock had not arrived at the store by then.

In Japan, police has reported that 191 units of the iPhone 5 were stolen from three stores located in Osaka, as per The Wall Street Journal. The average selling price on those smartphones would be around $125,000.
33 iPhone 5 units in total were reported to have been stolen from a KDDI Corp. store located in Ibaraki city. 116 unites were stolen from a Softbank Corp. store located in the western district of Osaka city. Another shop owned by KDDi had 42 iPhones stolen. 

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