Thursday, November 15, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s new innovations auto-zooming & vibration noise suppression

Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL), one of the leading mobile manufacturers came out with two applications which will be very useful for mobile device. The first one is for detecting and adjusting the noise of an iPhone vibrating in silent mode and second one is auto zooming of the content based on the proximity of user's face to a  screen, making the content at the best size for reading, depending on the necessity of the user.

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The vibration motor patent will help in eliminating the noise it makes in silent mode, when the phone is on flat hard surface and notification comes in. With a call, if not in position to get to the phone to silence which sometimes irritates. So to get rid of this problem and to make "SILENT MODE" truly silent on an iPhone, Apple came out with a system where microphone or motion sensors on the device can pick up on cues and indicate that a phone is making lot of noise, and change the vibration level and pattern accordingly.

Apple covers two types of vibration motors in this patent, one commonly used in modern Smartphone, the usual rotating vibrator with an eccentric weight and the other linear magnetic version. The application will provide user alternative methods, when vibration is turned down, such as visual alerts or soft audio tones which are output at level deemed to be quieter than the sound created by the phone's vibrations.

The other feature is auto-zooming considered to be the replacement for pinch-to-zoom, which dynamically alters the size of the content based on how closer a user, gets to the screen. In auto-zoom, both texts and images can be enlarged and reduce according to proximity sensor or Sonar sensor, which tells the system how far user face is. In “comfort” mode, the system will zoom out on content when the user gets close to screen and zoom in when user further way, making it more convenient to read. The other mode “zoom”, action is reversed which could come in handy for more visual content, like if you’re surveying a full painting at a distance, and then move in close for a look at some particular details.

The new applications designed by Apple could well replace the repetitive and constant process of pinch-to-zoom technology which will be handy for web viewing & navigate full web site which is not otherwise available in other mobiles. Apple is fully aware of its unique innovation of zooming & vibration alert which will significantly improve user enjoyment on its phone.

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  1. Wow, the "look to zoom" seems like a really bad idea. But I'm sure people will go nuts about it, until they use it in real life.


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