Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Beat Twitter In Introducing Photo Filters

Very interestingly, on the same day when there were reports that Twitter is working on native photo filtering feature for their mobile app, Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) launched native photo filtering for their iOS app.
Last day, the New York Times came up with a report that according to anonymous sources from within Twitter, the company is working on adding photo filters to their mobile applications. Evidently, this move would likely be a direct jab at a product like Instagram that presently dominates the filtered-photo industry. 

For the time being, there are a number of filtered photos being sent out as tweets, however, they all are cross-posts with Instagram. Twitter is all about integrated user experience and has been pretty rigid about third party apps. It would cease being a mediator by letting users to filter the photos that they upload to Twitter’s own photo hosting service.

Facebook seems to have instantly beaten Twitter by introducing photo filtering options as part of their 5.1 update to Facebook for iOS.

The update also entails multiple photo upload feature, a host of updates related to chat feature and Facebook Gifts integration. It was the first major update to the revamped Facebook app that was revealed back in the month of August.

now whenever users are uploading pictures on Facebook, they will have opportunity to add 14 different filters, namely, Neon, Black & White, Emerald, Golden, Rouge, Light, Bright, Copper, Cool, Cream, Contrast, Coffee, Boost and Highlight.

Naturally, Facebook made the headlines earlier this year by purchasing Instagram and offering photo filters on the standalone Facebook Camera app. however, this is the first time that the social networking company has offered filters on the main Facebook app for iOS.

There are reports revealing that Twitter is working on becoming more than a communication channel.

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